2009-2010 Premiership

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19 September 2006

Latest Premiership Football Results

Premiership Results:

17 Sep 2006

Blackburn: 4 Man City: 2
Goalscorers: Sinclair (Man City, og 18) Pedersen (Blackburn, 44) McCarthy (Blackburn, 66) Gallagher (Blackburn, 89)Barton (Man City, 39) Ooijer (Blackburn, og 45)

Manchester United: 0 Arsenal: 1
Goalscorers: Adebayor (Arsenal, 86)

Tottenham: 0 Fulham: 0

West Ham: 0 Newcastle United: 2
Goalscorers: Duff (Newcastle, 50) Martins (Newcastle, 75)

Chelsea: 1 Liverpool: 0

Goalscorers: Drogba (Chelsea, 42)

16 Sep 2006

Watford: 0 Aston Villa: 0

Bolton: 0 Middlesbrough: 0

Everton: 2 Wigan: 2
Goalscorers: Johnson (Everton, 49) Beattie (Everton, 64)Scharner (Wigan, 62, 68)

Sheffield United:1 Reading: 2
Goalscorers: Hulse (Sheffield Utd, 61)Doyle (Reading, 1) Seol (Reading, 25)

Charlton: 0 Portsmouth: 1
Goalscorers: LuaLua (Portsmouth, 74)

Charlton: 0 Portsmouth: 1
Goalscorers: LuaLua (Portsmouth, 74)


At 2:07 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

thought this was a blog, not a results service !
lets talk about the games not just report on the damn scores !!

At 2:17 pm, Blogger mark_s said...

You'd be right - it is a blog. It is also my blog and if I wish to publish scores, I shall. Out of the 25 or so posts on here, 2 have included results.

You have no right to demand anything of me.


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