2009-2010 Premiership

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16 June 2007

Predictions for the 2007-2008 Season

Oh, I know it's way too early to be predicting things. After all, we don't even know which mugs are willing to pay 17 million quid for Darren Bent yet.

Nevertheless, it's a fun game to play and this is my blog, so I'm going to play it. I am, however, going to be more sensible than the guy I met in the pub a couple of days back who thought that Sunderland would finish top 6.

So, here's my top six in order:

1. Manchester United : they could do with a top class striker, but they managed OK last season without one, so expect them to win it again. Snore.

2. Chelsea: They seem to be only signing players on a free, like Ben Haim. This doesn't bode well for a sustained title challenge in 2007-2008.

3. Liverpool : They'll get a couple of players in, have a good run in Europe and, at the end of the season, be exactly where they were at the end of last season.

4. Tottenham: This is the season for Spurs to overtake their transfer-shy North London rivals. If Spurs keep pretty much all their current squad and add one or two new faces, then Champions League football could be theirs.

5. Arsenal: Yet another 'transitional' season for the Gunners. I don't think Henry is going to stay, but they did OK for most of last season without him, but 5th is about the best they can hope for if they can't get some experienced, quality players in.

6. Newcastle: Big Sam. A fit Michael Owen (presuming he stays). No Titus Bramble. It's looking promising for the Toon Army for once. They'll struggle to pull it together early in the season, but expect a strong late run for Big Sam's team.

In With An Outside Chance: Blackburn Rovers, Everton.

To Be Relegated:

Fulham: They don't have the quality. No one wants to go there (Koumas and Kamara from West Brom turned 'em down). Sanchez may be out of his depth.

Wigan: Chris Hutchings. Not a good appointment. Titus Bramble. Not a good signing. Emile Heskey upfront. It's back to the Championship for Wigan.

Derby: They don't have any money. They've got a good manager. But the players aren't great and they can't afford better ones. Straight back down for Derby.

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