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14 September 2006

When Does The Season Start, Then ?

So, when does the Premiership season start, then ?

It's not too difficult a question, really. It starts around the same time every year, so it shouldn't be too taxing for the F.A and UEFA to answer.

And yet, they clearly don't seem to know the answer. In fact, I'm sure there's a few at The F.A and even more at UEFA who think that the Premiership hasn't started yet.

How else do you explain scheduling an England friendly against Greece on August 16th; an international break from August 29th to Sept 8th; plus the odd Champions League qualifier and the first round of UEFA Cup and Champions League proper.

That's quite a lot of football in a month. Imagine if we had to fit four Premiership matches into that lot as well! Ridiculous. Unthinkable. Oh, we did. The season started on August 19th, you say? Oops.

It's kinda lucky that this wasn't a World Cup year or this scheduling would really have made a mess of team preparation and planning for the season. Oh, it was a World Cup year.

Is it really any wonder that the new look Chelsea haven't yet gelled as a team and that Arsenal are languishing somewhere near the bottom 4.

Next task for the FA and UEFA : organising a piss-up in a brewery.

11 September 2006

Terrible Premiership Football Players

I've been enjoying Rubbish Footballers.com - a site dedicated to the crap players that occasionally clog up the Premiership and lower leagues of English football.

If you haven't visited this site,
do so now. And you too will remember how appalling the likes of Mario Jardel and Christian Negouai really were.

But, the one thing I noticed was the lack of rubbish Tottenham players. Being a Spurs fan myself, I'd like to be able to claim that we've never had any rubbish players.

Unfortunately, fairly recent names like Ramon Vega and Gary Doherty spring to mind. So, in the spirit of
Rubbish Footballers.com, here's my assessment of Messrs Vega and Doherty :

Gary Doherty: This half bald klutz was bought by Spurs from Luton Town by David Pleat. The idea was that he would be Spurs' Dion Dublin. Apparently, he was - like Dublin - equally good at centre half and centre forward.

This turned out to be sort of true. Doherty was, indeed, equally good at centre forward and centre back. He was terrible at both. For a big man, his heading ability was terrible; he had no first touch and no pace at all. Thus, deservingly, he is now playing for Norwich City. In Midfield.

Ramon Vega: This guy played for Spurs for a few seasons. He was, allegedly, a Swiss international. For Spurs, he was the guy that made all the mistakes, got the own goals and made a poor defence look terrible.

The irony, of course, is that he went to Celtic on loan, scored a few crucial goals for them and generally played like the man Spurs presumably thought they were buying. Ba'stard.

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