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13 October 2006

Spurs Will Come Good...That Stats Bloke At The Times Says So

If you don't read Daniel Finkelstein's 'Fink Tank' column in The Times newspaper then you are missing a trick.

This guy and his team run yer actual professional statistical analyses on football matches to determine what's really going on. These are the guys that have shown that the idea of 'form' (for a team, rather than individual player) is a bit of a myth.

Anyway, somewhat unsurprisingly, Finkelstein is a Tottenham Hotspur fan, and he has been analysing why Spurs have been doing badly thus far this season. His conclusion ? Statistically, the long term prediction is that they will do just fine in 2006-2007. What is perceived as their poor form is just a statistical blip! Hooray !

Don't believe me?
Read it here and weep, you Gooners.

12 October 2006

Oy, Mate, You Broke My Player

Usually charming and relatively sane managers like Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez have been frothing at the mouth this week as they see their star players return from international duty tired, injured or both.

Benitez has been particularly outspoken about this, demanding that if a player is injured on international duty, "100% of the players wages" be paid by their national football association for the duration of their injury.

Um, sorry, Mr Benitez, that way madness lies. Just imagine if someone like Didier Drogba broke his leg playing for the Ivory Coast. Can the Ivorian FA really afford Drogba's wages for two or three months until the player is fit again ? I think not.

Worse still, such a move would kill the entire sport in certain poorer countries. No more money for the national F.A to help coach and produce good talent they can sell to big European clubs because all their income is going to Chelsea because Drogba fell over and hurt himself.

Ridiculous. The managers of these big rich clubs should try to remember that not everyone is as wealthy as they are. Next time they are shooting their mouths of about injuries to their players, they should try to remember that.

08 October 2006

Wayne Rooney - A Bit Rubbish ?

I keep reading articles and news pieces about why Wayne Rooney isn't playing very well this season.

As if there is some mystery to it.

The guy broke his metatarsal, was given no real recovery time, played a few matches in the World Cup, played in those endless - and pointless - Manchester United tours of here, there and everywhere; did a bit of pre-season training; got suspended in some pointless tournament; missed a game here and a game there. It goes on.

Maybe if the Erikkson and the England squad had allowed Rooney to recover from what is a serious injury, rest, then regain his fitness, then Rooney would be looking sharp right now.

There's absolutely no mystery at all to Rooney's lack of form right now.

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