2009-2010 Premiership

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19 September 2006

Latest Premiership Football Results

Premiership Results:

17 Sep 2006

Blackburn: 4 Man City: 2
Goalscorers: Sinclair (Man City, og 18) Pedersen (Blackburn, 44) McCarthy (Blackburn, 66) Gallagher (Blackburn, 89)Barton (Man City, 39) Ooijer (Blackburn, og 45)

Manchester United: 0 Arsenal: 1
Goalscorers: Adebayor (Arsenal, 86)

Tottenham: 0 Fulham: 0

West Ham: 0 Newcastle United: 2
Goalscorers: Duff (Newcastle, 50) Martins (Newcastle, 75)

Chelsea: 1 Liverpool: 0

Goalscorers: Drogba (Chelsea, 42)

16 Sep 2006

Watford: 0 Aston Villa: 0

Bolton: 0 Middlesbrough: 0

Everton: 2 Wigan: 2
Goalscorers: Johnson (Everton, 49) Beattie (Everton, 64)Scharner (Wigan, 62, 68)

Sheffield United:1 Reading: 2
Goalscorers: Hulse (Sheffield Utd, 61)Doyle (Reading, 1) Seol (Reading, 25)

Charlton: 0 Portsmouth: 1
Goalscorers: LuaLua (Portsmouth, 74)

Charlton: 0 Portsmouth: 1
Goalscorers: LuaLua (Portsmouth, 74)

18 September 2006

So, We've Got All These Great Players, Right..Now What Do We Do

Liverpool lost yesterday to Chelsea. Tottenham Hotspur were booed by their own fans after drawing 0-0 with Fulham.

What do these two clubs have in common ? No? Well, I'll tell you. They've both bought loads of good players recently and have squads full of top talent.

Dirk Kuyt. Craig Bellamy. Steven Gerrard. Jaimie Carragher. Xavi Alonso. These are all top class players.

Dimitar Berbatov. Edgar Davids. Jermain Defoe. Robbie Keane. These are no slouches either.

So, with this kind of talent to call upon, you'd expect both teams to be flying right now.

But instead of playing a fairly settled side, Messrs Jol and Benitez take a different approach to team selection. This is how they do it:

They have two hats. One with the name of all the midfielders in. The second with the names of the strikers.

They then draw four names from the midfielders hat and two from the strikers hat and that's who starts the games.

How else can you explain Aaron Lennon playing in the centre of midfield (as against Everton) and Steven Gerrard starting on the bench in the Champions League.

You might think to yourself -well, that can't be right. That's no way to manage a football team. And you'd be bloody right, wouldn't you.

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