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16 August 2007

Lawrie Sanchez and Ronnie Kray : Separated At Birth ?

Any one else noticed the increasing similarity between Fulham boss Lawrie Sanchez and famed East End villain Ronnie Kray?

Or is it just me?

Photos coming when I can find some good ones.


Relegation Predictions Revisited

In June, I posted some completely groundless relegation predictions for the 2007-2008 Premiership football season.

I knew I was going to have to revisit these fairly early in the new Premiership season, as some clubs strengthen and others - inexplicably - weaken themselves.

One club determined to do the latter seems to be Bolton Wanderers. With rumours of Anelka's departure gathering momentum and manager Sammy Lee's determination to sideline their other true talent - El Hadj Diouf - I'm beginning to think that Bolton for relegation is a good bet.

On the other hand, Fulham - who had struggled to bring in the players they wanted in the early part of the transfer window - are now looking a fairly solid outfit. The additions of Chris Baird, Steve Davis and David Healy to Lawrie Sanchez' squad seems to have already made a difference. So, despite my earlier prediction, no relegation for Fulham.

I still think Wigan are vulnerable and Derby are doomed, so my bottom three are:


I'm going to stick with that until the Premiership football season finishes, if that's OK with you lot.

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12 August 2007

Semi-Naked Football Babes

Look. I'm not going to apologise. So forget it.

I've no doubt this is totally gratuitous, sexist nonsense. But I like semi-naked football babes. So here are some from FHM's 'Championship of Women'.

My vote goes to Tal, the Bolton fan, although Victoria, the Liverpool babe is fairly hot too. Enjoy !

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Sven Not So Daft After All

Let's face it, Sven Goran Eriksson doesn't have a great reputation in England. Some of his selections as England manager were bizarre and towards the end there, he looked like he couldn't care less.

Having become boss at Manchester City, though, he bought a bunch of players very, very quickly. Rumours abounded that he'd just watched the odd video and bought them on that basis.

However, my own suspicion was that he had a year, since losing the England job, to look at players across Europe in anticipation of his return to club management. And, so, when he did get back into management, it was just a matter of making the offers to the clubs concerned.

Watching his new look City side take apart West Ham yesterday just confirmed my thoughts that Sven isn't as daft as people think. And, possibly, just possibly, he's pulled together a really strong team that - ya never know - could pull off a shock this season.

Obviously, this is Manchester City we are talking about and if anyone can snatch disaster from the jaws of success, it's them. But if they keep going the way they've started, [whisper it]..they could be challenging for Europe at the end of the season.

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Possibly The Best Premiership Sponsors Tie-In...Ever

I'm always on the look out for ridiculous Premiership sponsorship deals. You know the kind of thing:

'The Official Ink Cartridge of the Premier League'
'The Official Sandwich of the Premier League'

Every now and then, though, there's a sponsorship tie-in that is, just, so, so right. So I give you Wrigley's : The Official Chewing Gum of the Premier League .

If you've ever watched Sir Alex Ferguson, Sam Allardyce or latterly, Roy Keane on the touchline, then you will know just how important a part chewing gum plays in the life of the English Premiership football manager.

Genius marketing on the part of Wrigley's. To be commended.

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