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04 August 2007

Premiership : May Not Be Best League In The World 'Shocker'

If you are as tired as I am of hearing (usually from Sky Sports pundits, Premiership managers and others with a vested interest) that the English Premiership is the 'best league in the world', then you will enjoy this article.

Choice quote:

"...In South America, the English Premiership is treated with the same disdain a dog would have for a bundle of £5000..."

Couldn't have put it better myself.


The Annual 'Who's For The Sack' Post

Inspired by this thread on SkySports, I thought I'd start my own Annual 'Who's For The Sack' post.

The SkySports punters are throwing out predictable names like Lawrie Sanchez (doubtful - I think he's bought fairly well this summer), Billy Davies (unlikely - Derby aren't expecting to stay up) and Roy Keane (more likely to resign than be sacked).

However, two names do stand out as likely candidates for the boot.

As we are so frequently reminded, the Premiership is about quality. And, if you don't have that, you are doomed.

So, step forth Chris Hutchings of Wigan Athletic and 'Little' Sammy Lee of Bolton Wanderers and explain yourselves.

Your signings this summer are scarily poor. Here are Bolton's (stop me when you recognise any of these names) :

Mikel Alonso,
Daniel Braaten,
Gerald Cid,
Blerim Dzemaili,
Danny Guthrie,
Zoltan Harsanyi,
Heidar Helguson,
Gavin McCann
Jlloyd Samuel

If I was Bolton chairman Phil Gartside, I would be worried. These are not the players to get Bolton back into Europe.

I can see Sammy Lee being shown the door just after Christmas.

As for Chris Hutchings, well, I've blogged about his signings fairly recently, so I'm going to have a go at Wigan's Chairman Dave Whelan instead.

Maybe if you had taken more than about 12 minutes to choose your new manager, you wouldn't end up with a squad that includes Titus Bramble. Then you wouldn't need to sack the manager 8 games into the new season.

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31 July 2007

How Many Mediocre Players Can One Team Buy?

How Many Mediocre Players Can One Team Buy?

Well, after the signing of Michael Brown, it appears that the answer currently stands at seven.

That, not in the least bit coincidentally, also happens to be the number of players Wigan have bought this summer:

Brown joins a role call of mediocrity that includes Titus Bramble, Antoine Sibierski, Mario Melchiot, Andreas Granqvist, Carlo Nash and Jason Koumas.

Fans of the Latics must be pulling their hair out each time a new signing is announced. They have my deepest sympathy. Last season was bad enough.

I'm tempted to predict relegation this time around.

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