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01 September 2007

Premiership Transfer Round Up

Those nice people (um, including me) over at Premiership Today have put together a complete list of all transfers that took place in the Premiership this summer :

Arsenal Transfers
Aston Villa Transfers
Birmingham City Transfers

Blackburn Rovers Transfers
Bolton Wanderers Transfers

Derby County
Fulham Transfers

Manchester City
Manchester United

Newcastle Utd Transfers

Reading FC
Tottenham Transfers

West Ham
Wigan Athletic

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30 August 2007

'How To Impress Your New Boss' the Mark Bosnich Way

I've titled this thread in honour of the mighty Mark Bosnich, who, just before being unveiled as a Manchester United player, punched a photographer and spent the night in the cells. Sir Alex Ferguson - needless to say - was far from impressed.

It's good to know that the patented Bosnich approach to impressing your new boss still has adherents in the modern Premiership.

I present for your delectation and delight : Zat Knight. Knight has just moved from Fulham to Aston Villa on a four year deal.

So how does this paragon of footballing goodness celebrate his move?

Well, by getting arrested on suspicion of 'Class A' drugs offences in the early hours of the morning he was going to be unveiled as an Aston Villa player.

We are sure that Martin O'Neill is extremely impressed by his new signing and is certain to put him straight into the first team.

Top that one, Bosnich.

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29 August 2007

The Strange Case of David Nugent

After playing poorly in his first two games for Portsmouth and being on the bench for two more, it now appears that Lord Harry of Redknapp is prepared to sell David Nugent.

Having paid £4.5million only weeks ago, it seems ludicrous that any manager, even one as capricious (look it up) as Redknapp, would sell a player so quickly.

This, of course, has brought out the conspiracy theorists. Like this one from 'Mooney_Is_God' on BBC's 606 Forums :

"They paid 4.5 mill ish up front and will now sell to Billy D for 6 mill, leaving PNE 1.5 mill out of pocket. Billy fell out massively with PNE and ..... read between the lines. Poor dave nuge. All he wants to do is play. Should have stayed at PNE really."

However, what is even stranger is that it does appear that Derby are in the running to buy Nugent. How are they going to finance this ?

By selling Robert Earnshaw, the club's record signing that they themselves only bought 3 or 4 weeks ago.

The world of Premiership football gets weirder by the day.

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28 August 2007

Jol In 'I Still Have A Job' Shocker

So, the expected happened on Sunday and Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspur and yet Spurs boss, Martin Jol, still has his job.

Jol had been under extreme pressure from Spurs bosses after dismal performances against Sunderland and Everton. So, why, I ask you, is the man still manager of a Premiership football team ?

Is it possibly because the Tottenham board have realised :

a) Jumping up and down; stamping your feet like a two year old and shouting 'I want Champions League football and I want it now' isn't actually going to get the desired effect?

b) That sacking a coach who is very highly regarded within the football industry and who got Spurs into Europe two seasons running is not going to send out the right signals to potential replacements?

c) The season is only two weeks old. Only a bunch of cowardly incompetents would sack a manager after two weeks?

d) That Martin Jol is actually a damn fine manager who has done extremely well for the club and should be given the opportunity to show he can take it one step further?

e) All of the above.

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