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18 July 2007

Carlos Tevez Transfer Revisted

So, the Carlos (California Man) Tevez saga is dragging on and on. Now it seems that FIFA have been called in to moderate the situation.

We all know the end result: Tevez will join Man Utd. Joorabchian will get richer still. West Ham United will moan a lot about the whole thing. Sheffield Utd will moan a lot about West Ham United moaning a lot.

Yawn. Wake me when it's over.

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17 July 2007

Chelsea Are Disney's Official Soccer Partners

I have nothing whatsoever to say about the deal between Chelsea and the Disney Corporation.

I really can't bring myself to comment. I'm off to lie down in a darkened room to weep for a little while. And I don't even support Chelsea.

I do support football, however, and this has absolutely nothing to do with football.


Buy Your Own Football Club..No, Really

I've just come across MyFootballClub.co.uk, which is a site that aims to get 50,000 football fans together to buy yer real, actual football club.

For a £35.00 subscription, you get to help decide which club to buy, put in your two pence worth over tactics, team selection and player purchases.

And yes, they are serious.

Unlike some of the clubs that subscribers (and they're up to 45,000+ already) have suggested to buy : let's face it, Liverpool and Manchester United are way out of the price range. Even Leeds United or Notts Forest isn't realistic.

My personal view is that buying a climbing Conference or Isthmian League club - like Gravesend and Northfleet - would be a productive, exciting and worthwhile venture.

My cynical side thinks this isn't going to work at all. Although, I would very much like it to succeed.

Weren't They All Chasing The Wrong Striker

So, Aston Villa have picked up striker and renowned intellectual Marlon Harewood for 4 million English pounds. Good for them.

Wigan, Portsmouth, Birmingham City, even Manchester City (pre-Sven) had all been linked with a player whose goalscoring record last season was woeful. All of these clubs wanted Harewood because of his performance the season before.

But haven't they all forgotten something? Or, rather, someone. The West Ham striker they all should have been trying to buy is Bobby Zamora.

Zamora was West Ham's top scorer last season (Carlos Who?), scoring 11 Premiership goals. He got 10 the season before - not that many fewer than Harewood, who started far more games.

He's a cut above Harewood as a player and would have been available for around the same price.

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